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Open up to the market—with BISS/XALEO!

With the BiPRO standard you open up to the market. For brokers (organizations), comparison portals and others, you become an attractive provider and partner as a provider of BiPRO-compliant web services.
We go the way there with you: BISS/XALEO is a coordinated concept of components and tools that enables insurance companies to provide their sales partners with data, documents and processes using BiPRO standards.


stellt Anfragen, erhält Angebote und Vertragsunterlagen


Verwalten alle Datensätze, die Maklern bereitgestellt werden sollen


mappt eingehende und ausgehende Anfragen

Ein Monitoring- und Reporting-Tool

liefert umfangreiche technische und fachliche Informationen in Echtzeit – und das „Out of the Box“


steigern mit einem BiPRO-konformen Datenaustausch ihre Produktion

BiPRO with BISS/XALEO—your key to the broker market

In order to open up to new sales partners, many insurance companies take an obvious but costly route: they develop individual solutions internally for document and data exchange. These individual interfaces must then be connected by all relevant manufacturers of broker software and comparison programs in individual projects - with the corresponding costs.

At first glance, an obvious solution would be the individual development of BiPRO-compliant web services based on the insurer's existing back-end systems. But even that would be a path associated with high (follow-up) costs!

After all, each provider would have to implement standard tasks such as authentication, authorization, version management, error handling, or marshaling of the data models. And what is often overlooked: The BiPRO standard continues to develop dynamically. This requires continuous adaptations of the interfaces—up to complete reprogramming.

We take care of this for you: BISS/XALEO as a standard product for standard services ensures that each provider only has to individually take care of the connection of their own backend systems.

BISS/XALEO is the future-proof BiPRO adapter that enables you to use the BiPRO standards safely and reliably!

With the help of prefabricated, configurable standard adapters for backend systems widely used in the market and with tools or components for the transformation of message formats when connecting proprietary core systems, BISS/XALEO allows a smart implementation of BiPRO services.

Dramatically expand your sales capacity!

BISS/XALEO opens up new market opportunities for you: You can enter into data exchange with potentially over 46,000 brokers, receive inquiries and submit offers.

  • The BISS/XALEO Dashboard

    BISS/XALEO offers digital services in BiPRO standard

    Providing better and transparent services is essential to be attractive to new distribution partners—whether brokers, comparison portals or others. The most important advantages of BISS/XALEO:

    Mapping of bipro messages to internal formats (request) and back again (response)

    • prepared adapters for common standard systems (e.g. identity management or insurance core systems)
    • tool-supported mapping described declaratively (can be maintained without programming knowledge!)
    • high performance

    Management module for data sets to be provided to brokers

    • database based (by using JDBC usable with different database systems)
    • persistence model for BiPRO records (shipments and transfers)
    • Management either synchronously directly when the service is called by the broker ("on demand") or time-controlled asynchronously ("batch")

    With the dashboard you have an overview of all business transactions

    • Reporting and monitoring to track service usage
    • Detect (and fix) errors as soon as they occur—not just when they are reported to you by your customers or when they have already manifested themselves in lower production figures.

    With BISS/XALEO you increase your sales opportunities sustainably!

    BiPRO e.V. (Industry Initiative Process Optimization)

    BiPRO e.V. is a neutral organization in the financial services industry in which insurance companies, sales partners and service providers have joined forces to optimize cross-company business processes. Professional and technical standards are developed jointly in projects.

    BISS has actively participated in the development of the following standards in the respective standardization projects:

    • Application and registration of electronic insurance certificates (eVB)
    • Inventory processes SUH
    • KFZ 2—Portfolio processes in motor vehicle insurance
    • Pricing, offer, application Life 2
    • Portfolio processes LV/PKV
    • Signature sheet/eSignature
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Questions and answers
    • Generic list service
    • Agent billing
    • Market processes bAV
    • Transmission of broker mandates
    • End-to-end encryption
    • Principles of standardization

    Employees of BISS GmbH were or are members of the following BiPRO committees

    • Technical committee (FAUS)
    • Technical Committee (TAUS)
    • Standardization Committee (NAUS)
    • Market Committee (MAUS)
    • Reference Design Committee (Ref-AUS)
    • Architecture Committee (Arc-AUS)

    You want to implement the bipro standards with the BIPRO adapter BISS/XALEO?

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    These insurance companies have benefited from BISS/XALEO for years

    BISS GmbH has been a member of BiPRO since 2008 and has since been developing adapter solutions for the implementation of BiPRO compliant services on the part of insurers.


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