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General advice on the integration of BiPRO standards

You want to introduce BiPRO in your company?

Those who have not yet dealt with the catalog of standards according to BiPRO may—in view of the complexity of the subject—initially be put off by it. This is because, in addition to individual business transactions, it also regulates technology and access. In addition, the standards are not rigid, but continue to develop dynamically, so that there are now several release statuses. It is not easy to gain or maintain an overview here.

We create transparency for a successful BiPRO introduction!

To help you find your way through the apparent "jungle" of BiPRO standards, we provide transparency with our consulting services and provide you with comprehensive support for the introduction of BiPRO standards. You specify the topics according to your objectives: From consulting on general business processes, on data harmonization of your business processes or around technical standards.

Our consultants have been involved in BiPRO since 2008 and are therefore your competent "scouts" and sparring partners for the implementation of BiPRO standards.